Welcome to our site regarding sports (particularly high school sports) in North Central Pennsylvania.

We will be following various high school sporting events; in addition, to broadcasting various schools in the District IV region of the state.

  1. You are encouraged to comment on our site. However, we encourage you to keep the comments in a “civil tone” and do not demoralize, tear down, or make fun of the various schools, administrators, student-athletes, or other fans.
  2. We will also keep you in the loop about what broadcasting outlets will be broadcasting athletic events. We are wanting to promote high school sports as much as possible. Without these fine media outlets, fans would not be able to hear their school’s performances on the radio, television or internet.
  3. If you have the ability to write special interest stories on high school sports in North Central Pennsylvania; I encourage you to contact me at midstatesports@yahoo.com.

Thank You.


Sam Jordan, Editor

(570) 295.2769